About The Kosher Supervision Guide

For nearly 25 years, we've been providing the most complete listing of kosher-certifying agencies, their symbols, and information about their organizations. The number of agencies and symbols listed in the printed version of the Guide continues to grow. This online version now lists about 400 agencies.

To make the guide as complete as possible, we have included non-Orthodox kashrus agencies in our list. Where known that an agency or the rav hamachshir is Conservative or Traditional (based upon synagogue affiliation, not ordination), it is noted.

Using the Guide

To the kosher consumer, a symbol may conjure up the image of a huge kashrus organization dedicated to round-the-clock supervision of kosher products. In reality, however, the "organization" represented may be only an individual who works alone and whose supervision may or may not be up to the level of the "American Standard of Kashrus."

Also, there has been a terrible abuse of the letter "K." The letter "K" is an unregistered symbol which can be used by anyone--even by a non-Jewish owner of a food company--to claim that his products are kosher.

The surest way to determine the competence of a particular rabbi or kashrus agency is to discuss their hashgacha with a rabbi or agency whose supervision you trust. This Guide can help you contact various agencies. It is also a valuable reference when planning a vacation or visiting an affair out of your area.

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Please bear in mind that we cannot pass judgement on reliability. Kosher standards vary dramatically from agency to agency. You must ask your rabbi which agencies to rely upon.

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