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2002 Kosher Supervision Guide


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Name of Agency or Rabbi:

Name of Contact Person:

Phone Number of Contact Person:

Contact Information

Our contact information is the same as last year.

Please make the following changes:

Mailing Address:

City & State:


ZIP/Mailing Code:




Web Site:

Other Contact Information:

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About the Agency

When was the agency started?

Does the agency issue hashgachos out-of-state, across America?

Yes   No

Does the agency issue hashgachos out of the United States?

Yes   No

Does the agency have offices in other locations? If so, who is in charge of them?

Does the agency have any particular strengths or areas of specialization?

Does the agency print a guide of all of its hashgachos? If so, what is it called, and how much does it cost?

Does the agency print a guide for Passover? If so, what is it called, and how much does it cost?

Have there been any personnel changes in the agency since last year?

Which particular posek does the agency rely on?

How large is the staff directly involved in kosher certification?

How many companies does the agency certify?

About the Kashus Administrator

Who is the current Kashrus Administrator?

How long has he been a part of the agency?

If applicable, what other experience did he have in kashrus before joining the agency?

Please give us more background information about the Kashrus Adminstrator, such as where he got his semicha, organizations he is a member of, seforim he has printed, etc.


What else should we know about your agency?

Thank you for responding to this questionnaire!


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