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Serving and educating the kosher consumer for over two decades.

Look what's in every issue of KASHRUS Magazine:

Consumer Alert: Food products and facilities that are mislabeled or bear an unauthorized kosher symbol. Seasonal alerts, clarifications and more.

Understanding Kashrus: Kashrus-related halacha. About hashgacha and how it works. What you need to know to shop and dine smart.

What's New in Kosher: New products and companies; places to eat and shop at home and away.

Special Features: The Kosher Travel Guide,   The Kosher Supervision Guide and other special articles.

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Current Issue: June 2003, #115  2003 Kosher Travel Guide. Our latest travel issue reports on 34 cities all over America.

The list includes information about minyanim, mikvaos, shuls, shopping and dining out.

Also in this issue: Rabbi, There's a Fly in My Vegetables!: Kosher-certified Pre-washed Vegetables; Kashrus Comes Under Fire In Europe; McDonald's Distributes $1,000,000 for Kosher Education.

June 2001, #105  2001 Kosher Travel Guide. Our annual travel issue has been a hit with readers for years. This year we expanded our coverage to report on 32 cities across America.

This is more than a list of destinations. You'll find information about minyanim, mikvaos, shuls, shopping and dining out. Take a look and see why our 2001 Kosher Travel Guide is the kosher travelers indispensible companion.

Also in this issue: Kosher In Space: A Jewish Astronaut's Unusual Request; Remembering Rav Avigdor Miller, zt"l; Kosher In London: Inside The London Beis Din Kashrut Division; The Letter In the Window: A Store's "Letter of Certification" May Be Deceptive.

April 2001, #104   2001 Pesach Guide. What every kosher consumer needs to prepare for Pesach. Every annual issue includes our special Pesach Consumer Alert, a Pesach wine list, and a step-by-step guide to the Seder.

This year's issue also featured a lesson on Pesach preparations from Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg of Yeshiva Torah Ohr (Jerusalem) and an article about how foods are made kosher-for-Pesach.

Also in this issue: The Buck Stops Where? How Kashrus Agencies Are Really Run; P'TACH: Every Jewish Child Deserves a Chance; The Wisdom of the Letters: Taking Kosher Vitamins for Your Health.

February 2001, #103 Kosher Tips for the traveler and hospital Patient. Why kashrus is such a problem in many hospitals and what you can do to protect yourself. What to look out for when traveling.

Also in this issue: Pack Light and Bring Food: Traveler Beware, Some "Kosher" Tours Aren't; One Child at a Time: The SINAI Special Needs Institute; Getting Into the Thick of Things: Which Gelatin is Kosher?; Fishing for Answers: Everything you need to know about the Kashrus of Fish.

December 2000, #102 Packed with valuable information! For the traveler: airline and hotel kashrus. For the hospital patient: how to be sure you're getting kosher food. For everyone: keeping your kitchen (and your diet) heathy.

Plus: How the conflict in Israel has affected kashrus; Milk allergies; seaweed caviar; more!

Also in this issue: So That They Will Endure Many Years: The Need for Kosher Certification of Canned Products; Bakery Blunders! Why Unauthorized Baked Goods Reach Store Shelves; Kosher in California: A Look at the Rabbinical Council of California.

September 2000, #101 This year our most popular issue, the Kosher Supervision Guide, is enhanced with biographies about many of the rabbis listed. Also in this issue: How supermarkets cater to the kosher consumer; why glatt meat is preferred; and an in depth look at the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

Plus: About the Paskesz Company; Brooklyn's kosher Nathans Restaurant; Rosh Hashana wines; more!

Also in this issue: Why A Second Hashgacha?: When One Mashgiach Is Not Enough; The Rabbi's Collection: True Stories of Chesed; The Sky Has Fallen!: A Serious But Preventable Kashrus Concern; Comparison Shopping: The Price Was Right...Sixty Years Ago.


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